Frequently Asked Questions

Get filled in about dermal fillers

If you want to know more about the dermal filler products we use and the anti-wrinkle treatments we offer, we’ve put together some FAQs below. You can always contact us with any specific questions that aren’t covered here, or if you’re interested in learning about our non-surgical facelifts but aren’t sure what to ask.

What products do you use? keyboard_arrow_down close

We use dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections from leading brands with proven pharmaceutical credentials.

Some examples of the products we use include:

An anti-wrinkle treatment that blocks impulses to the muscles in the face, helping them to relax so facial lines and wrinkles are not under so much tension.

A hyaluronic acid-based injection to add volume to the flesh of the face and smooth any wrinkles and creases in the skin.

Probably the most widely known anti-ageing injection, Botox uses botulinum toxin to relax muscle tissue and soften the visibility of lines on the face.

A range of injectable gel dermal fillers to add volume for a non-surgical facelift effect, reduce wrinkles and treat scarring from conditions like acne.

A range of injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to erase lines and wrinkles or restore lost volume and contour to the face.

A hyaluronic acid wrinkle filler that restores plumpness and moisture to the facial flesh while supporting natural expressiveness and muscle movement.

What products will you use on me? keyboard_arrow_down close

Every patient and procedure is different, so we will always use the most suitable dermal filler products for your face and for what we are trying to achieve.

Some products are more suited to minor wrinkles and creases, while others provide more volume to restore significant lost contour and fill in sunken eyes.

We can help you to understand in advance everything you need to know about the products we think will work best for you – or if you want to leave it to the experts, that’s fine too.

How much does it cost? keyboard_arrow_down close

It’s not always possible to price procedures at a fixed rate, as we need to factor in the amount of product used when carrying out more extensive treatment or restoring significant loss of contour and facial plumpness.

However, we will always quote you a price for your particular procedure, based on your unique facial structure and the amount of work needed.

We can also offer our ‘pretty face finance’ deals to help you cover the cost of your procedure – just ask if you want more information about paying in this way.

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